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Time for Testing

As homeschoolers  in the State of Washington, we are required to have our kids tested each year to assure that they are making progress.  Although you may hear some families complain about the requirement, not all testing is a bad thing. There are different types of testing that can be very useful, in fact.

D2 has been struggling in the reading and writing areas. He’s in 4th grade now and I’ve never had a child who took this long to grasp things. We are also seeing some letter and number  reversals, inversions and a few downright nonsensical things in writing that have me concerned.

I took him for an evaluation at a place that does neuroeducational testing for learning disabilities and difficulties. I chose them because we’ve been there before. Years ago they helped P with understanding math. It’s not cheap, but since the boys receive adoption support, the bill is covered by his medical, praise God. :)

He doesn’t begin testing until the end of this month. It will be 5 hours, broken up over 3 days. I’m not sure what I am hoping to learn from it, besides how to help him to learn easier. Yes, I know my child best, but this is something that is beyond me.

You do know that it’s okay to have help sometimes, right? Just because you homeschool your kids doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself. When in doubt, outsource it to someone who knows more than you do. Really, it’s okay. Living with special needs kids will make you become a firm advocate for your kids! And this? It is a very good thing. ;)

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