Running Colors


I enjoy running. I know it sounds weird to read that, because believe me it’s weird to SAY it. But I do. I’ve even run the Bloomsday 12K twice… although not this year. I can make excuses for anything. I didn’t register for Bloomsday this year because I’ve had a sore foot for months. I […]

Not Just Another Excuse

foot doctor

It all started during Bloomsday last year. The pain was a convenient cop-out for not running up Doomsday Hill. I had been running better than I thought possible. I wasn’t tired. I was in a great stride, comfortable, and enjoying the race. And then I wasn’t any more. What began as a twinge in the ball […]

I Was Going to Run Today But…

My Bloomsday Finish

Top Ten Excuses for Not Running 1. I woke up too late. 2. I ate a big breakfast/lunch/dinner. 3. It’s too hot/cold out. 4. I’m just tired and won’t be able to give it my best. 5. I have too much to do. 6. I feel a cold coming on. 7. I haven’t shaved my […]

Bloomsday 12k: My Results

Bloomsday12 Finisher Shirt

Looking at my blog this morning, I realized that my last post was on the 4th, which was 6 days ago. Whoops! So how about an update on Bloomsday? I did the Spokane Lilac Bloomsday 12K race on Sunday.  This was my second year doing it, even though I’ve lived here for 20.  If you […]