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28 Days to Hope for This Slob!

4 Months: The length of time this stuff has been on my antique desk.

I hate to admit it. I know most of you would be shocked.

There’s a really good reason I don’t talk much about housework and home making and all that stuff. It’s because I suck at it. I’m a slob. I am lazy. I hate it! But it’s the truth. Something’s got to give, so something’s got to change I’ve got to change. I know I can’t be the only one.

I do some good things around the house. I make my bed when I get up. I hate dirty bathrooms, so mine is usually clean. (The kids’ bathroom on the other hand, is not somewhere I send guests.) That’s pretty much where it ends though.

We have Netflix and I’ve watched at least one whole season of Hoarders. I know what it looks like. A family member was a hoarder and I was the one who used to go in and clean it out, take things to the dump and donation. I get it. I also see that tendency in myself. The lack of decision making ability is one of the things you always see in the Hoarders cases. They just can’t part with it because “it might come in handy”, and can’t decide what else to do with it. That’s me. No, I am not a hoarder. Yet. I am married to a guy who hates clutter, which helps. But not enough.

So I’m admitting I have a problem and I need a little help.  That’s where 28 Days to Hope For Your Home comes in! Dana, also known as Nony of A Slob Comes Clean, has overcome a lot of her own Slob tendencies and developed some new habits that keep her on track. She is the mother of three busy kids, and knows what it’s like to have more than one in diapers at a time. I appreciate that, as I remember my days of having THREE in diapers and nothing got done.

We have lived between chaotic stability and overwhelmed crisis mode cleaning for years. It’s not fun, and I don’t know about you, but new habits are what I need! I had the chance to read her new ebook, and I’m telling you, I need this book. And you might need this book.

28 Days to Hope For Your Home will help you establish some good habits by beginning simply and working up to bigger things. The first habit is so basic, so simple for most people, but even for me it was like a light bulb went off. Nony tells us to do one thing, less impressive than ‘shine your sink’ (for the rest of you Flylady dropouts like me), how about ‘wash the dishes’?

We’re a two dishes loads a day family, because of 1) the sheer number of mouths and meals and 2) one teen’s tendency to bake, a lot. No matter what I try, we still have to do dishes twice a day, which means often I leave a sink of dirty dishes overnight while yet another dishwasher load runs. Lightbulb. Wash the dishes. You’ll feel better about your kitchen when you walk into it! Just one simple habit, not so simple for me or many other women out there.  Nony walks you through the whys of what we do and why we should change it too. She’s real, people.


From Nony:

28 Days to Hope For Your Home is for people like me. People who dream of an orderly home, but truly don’t understand what happens in the three days between Party Ready and Disaster Status.

That was me.  I’m definitely still not perfect, but I’m no longer bewildered.

I know what it takes to maintain a livable home.

28 Days to Hope for Your Home is not a guide to getting your home completely organized in a month.  Based on the experience  I have gained during my personal deslobification process, this e-book is a guide to developing basic habits that other people seem to know (but people like us don’t).

If you follow the instructions for each day, you will learn new habits and change your thinking about your home.  Through personal experience (the best teacher), you will understand the basics of keeping your home out of Disaster Status.

You will have hope.


From now through February 28th, 28 Days to Hope For Your Home is half price!

Marked down from $7.99 to $4, it’s a steal and you can get a jump start on a new outlook on housework (along with me) in February!  Establish four habits in four weeks, and discover hope for your home!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of this ebook, and was given one copy of it in exchange for my honest review. I will receive a small commission if you click over and make a purchase through one of my links.

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