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Phonics and Spelling with FUN

If you’ve reached the end of your school year, and you’re re-evaluating your curriculum, join the club. :)  I am always in a state of evaluation. What works, what isn’t working, and what might just help… all are questions we ask ourselves, whether we are home schooling moms or moms of kids who are just out for the summer.

Does your child have trouble reading?  Or are you looking at your youngest with the thought that he is ready to learn how to read?  I want to share with you a fantastic resource I found for teaching reading and spelling!

ClickN KIDS K-3rd Grade Reading & Spelling Program

Click N Read Phonics and Click N Spell are fun programs that you can use to help your beginning or struggling reader. If you have a child who is resistant to learning phonics, Click N Read is SO fun and appealing that it will definitely help you break through!

The format is animated, with a space theme which brings to mind the Jetsons TV show from when I was a young girl in the 70’s.  The sounds aren’t overdone, and the animations are just plain FUN.  They take a straight phonics approach to reading and a phonics and rote approach to spelling, both of which are proven methods in teaching young children. They also have proven success with children on the autism spectrum. From their website:

ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL include instructional delivery features that are conducive for learning of children with ASD. First, the programs are delivered with predictability and consistency (e.g., the same set of instructional activities, the same presentation order and format, predictable and consistent use of teacher prompts). Consistent structure and predictability facilitates learning of children with ASD. The programs ensure the active engagement of students  by providing frequent opportunities for students to actively respond to teacher prompts and multiple opportunities to respond. These features help address the known task engagement difficulties of students with ASD.

If you’re like me, and you are making your decisions for school for next year, you might want to take at look at Click N Kids. And if your children are just off for the summer and you know they could use some extra help in reading or spelling, this program is ideal!

Note: The above is an affiliate link, and if you make a purchase after clicking it, I will receive a small contribution and you will have my sincere thanks. :)

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