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Notebooking with Writing Delays

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I love notebooking. Actually, let me rephrase that. I love the IDEA of notebooking! My bigger kids, when they were homeschooled, kept notebooks for grammar and writing, journals, and history and science. Since my natural tendency is to avoid textbooks and fill in the blank workbooks (although we have used those), notebooks fit the bill.

This was, of course, before I had heard of “notebooking”. It was before the internet was as large as it is, and it was long before you could get anything free online. Homeschool websites were few and far between, and there was no such thing as a blog. And notebooking? Ours were mostly made up of regular lined paper and binder tabs. There weren’t any notebook pages.

Now we’re on Round #2 of kids, and these boys are different. This pair have special needs. Dysgraphia. Developmental Delays. Language processing issues.

And writing. is. a. chore.

I wrote a post about this over two years ago, and just discovered that it has the same title too. Two years ago, this was my question: How can you do notebooking when your student can’t WRITE?

I thought I had been forced to give up my love of notebooking, because my boys’ needs come first. Spending 8 hours forcing them to come up with (or even copy!) something for a notebook page is just not worth my time. It’s not worth the frustration or the tears. Mine, or theirs.

But now we don’t have to stress about it.  Soon, we will be able to “do notebooking”!!

Debra of Notebooking has come up with an amazing web app that will launch in June, called The Notebooking Publisher. This simple to use online application will make notebooking more than possible for my boys! Writing is very hard for them. Excruciating for me at times. Typing is another story. But if you give my son a keyboard, he’s in his element. He doesn’t type the best, and he relies on spellcheck (who doesn’t these days?!) but he can produce words and sentences and even paragraphs when he pushes those buttons. Here, watch a preview of what will be our Notebooking Salvation:

Visit to learn more about their memberships
and their new web-app, The Notebooking Publisher™

NOW can you see why I’m excited?!  It’s almost a no-brainer! It’s so SMART I’m amazed that no one thought of it sooner. It’s like digital scrapbooking, but for homeschool notebooks!  Preformatted templates. Drag and drop images. Simple font functions. Yes, even a child can do this. Even mine!

Here’s the catch. You know there had to be a catch. I apologize right now for being so late in telling you about this, because right now, through tomorrow May 25th, Notebooking Pages’ Treasury Membership is available to you for a huge discount!  And included in the Notebooking Treasury Membership is The Notebooking Publisher app! I really should have told you sooner, but life…

With your Notebooking Pages Treasury Membership you get:

  • Unlimited access to everything Notebooking Pages has available
  • Over $600 worth of downloads
  • All the new and updated notebooking pages and products
  • Access to The Notebooking Publisher Web App, launching in June
  • 15 month membership ( 3 extra months are part of this promotion!)
  • $29.95 locked-in yearly renewals

Price is $56.21 with discount code happy6th through the end of 5/25, and it is $74.95 after that. STILL!!! It’s a fantastic deal for all the notebooking pages and access to the new app!

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