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Modifying OFE3

I have written that I was going to modify our Old Fashioned Education, Level 3 schedule to fit our trimesters. I have it written out in a notebook for me, but I just got done typing it up- mostly for you :) Before you take a look, let me explain just a tad.

Miss Maggie has a very nice lesson plan set up which you can download from her site. I have that, but I wanted to be able to spend a whole trimester studying Egypt and Old Testament History. She has some titles which have SOME Egyptian history in them, but the majority of them were about Greece and Rome. I also added in a couple of neat books that I purchased from Simply Charlotte Mason, which are from a Christian worldview AND are about Egypt.

Another large majority contain wayyy more mythology than I am comfortable teaching to my boys. I want them to have a good solid Bible foundation before they have to study gods (little “g”). Taught in the context of history, well then that’s okay in moderation. So, long story short, we ditched most of the myth based books. Some of the books are very comprehensive in nature and cover all three civilizations. These we will read continuously, although I did break them down to show in the trimester schedule. We will also read the entire Bible by the end of the school year, going through Story of the Bible, one Chapter per day.

And yes, there are a few months missing. We do not have school in December, April, or August. Also, we have co-op all day on Thursdays through the end of March, so what you are seeing planned out is our work for four days per week. Thursdays are computer school in the mornings (Sens-Lang Typing, Quarter Mile Math, and Spelling City) and Co-op from 10:00 on. Without further adieu, here is our modified OFE3 plan.

You need a PDF Reader to view the schedule. You can download the FREE, small, amazingly fast-loading Foxit Reader  and be up and running in no time. It blows Adobe Acrobat Reader out of the water in downloading and document loading times. :)

I hope the schedule makes sense, and that this helps someone see how things can be changed. Remember that no matter what, it is YOUR SCHOOL. Curriculum works for you; you should never have to be a slave to your curriculum. It is strictly a tool, and there are many ways to manipulate a tool to make it do what YOU want it to. I included our science curriculum and notebooking pages which aren’t on OFE’s list but are very integral to our schooling. Again, you make things work the way YOU want them to.

Happy Homeschooling!

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