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Claustrophobic Paper Clutter

projectsimplify-roundDon’t even say it. I know. I. Am. So. Late. I was fully intending to join right along with Simple Mom’s decluttering challenge.  I worked through Hotspot #1: Master Bedroom closet and Dressers.  Then along came Hotspot #2, aka the bane of my existence: Paper Clutter.  Oh how I hate paper clutter and OH HOW IT RUNS MY LIFE!  I am surrounded by it. I am smothered by it.  I am indecisive and never know what to DO with it! 

My antique dressing table (aka desk) is covered with it.  My filing cabinet has a pile on top.


The kitchen counter has an area that is always piled with papers, mostly my husband’s.  I also have a plastic box that I used to clean up clutter about three months ago, that is loaded with papers and other clutter that I never put away because it was in my closet, out of sight.



I tried. I really tried.  I took a plastic bin and went around the house. I collected every piece of paper I could find, and put it in the bin.  I went through every single piece of paper, putting them in piles on my bed. I know, she said use boxes. I couldn’t. I don’t have any.  So piles it was. 

I had a TO FILE pile, as well as PAPER SHREDDER, TO TOSS, HIS (my husband has to do something with those), and an ACTION pile.  My TO FILE pile then had to be divided, because we have a filing cabinet and then we also have a safe.  Some of the stuff goes in one, and some into the other. We don’t have regular paper recycling in Spokane, only for newspapers.  Here is a shot of my sorting.  I listened to a podcast by Mark Driscoll while I sorted.


I never got it done.  Well I did, but I didn’t.  There’s still stuff in the box.  There are still things to go in the safe.  The TO FILE pile did get taken care of.  The ACTION items came downstairs to the kitchen, and ended up right where the old pile had been.  I DID get our YMCA renewal filled out, & took a copy of our tax return for it. I DID RSVP for a friends’ wedding/vow renewal that is coming up.  I DID take care of most of the ACTION items.  This is something!  Nothing really looks better, except the top of the file cabinet. The desk is still covered with cluttery stuff, just not papers.  The bin has stuff, just not papers. That plastic box is still full of stuff, just not papers.  And I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels.

This past week’s hotspot was a good one, and I am just praising  God that I didn’t need to do it, considering I’m so far behind on #2.  Hotspot #3 was to declutter kids’ toys and clothes, which we did about a month ago. I don’t have any pictures but I can assure you, the Salvation Army was more than happy to take the bags of stuff we dropped off!

The month of April will be my big decluttering period, although I am still aiming to play along with Project Simplify and get this place whipped into shape!

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2 Responses to Claustrophobic Paper Clutter

  1. Jessy March 26, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    One step at a time, right? LOL I need to declutter too! I did go through all the bedrooms closets, sorting clothing. I have 5-6 bags of clothing to donate to the Salvation Army (when we're home again). I guess I need to tackle "paper" next. (I'm following along with YOUR decluttering! LOL)

    Jessy recently posted..What My Child is Reading- March 20-26My Profile

    • Momma Knows March 27, 2011 at 6:03 am #

      Ahh Jessy I hope you make better progress than I have been! :) You should check out Project Simplify, because she is sending out emails of how-tos and it really does help!

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