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My Articles Around the Web

 I have another blog called Snippets of Life. It’s my “anything goes” blog. It is NOT about homeschooling and it’s not a “mom blog”.

I do guest posts from time to time, and I am/have been a staff writer on several group sites.

Where I Write

The Homeschool Post- Staff Writer Sept. 2012 to Jan. 2015

iHomeschool Network

The Homeschool Village- Staff Special Needs Writer

(Several of my posts have been “lost” there. If anyone knows how to find them, I would be forever grateful and will republish them here on my site.)

The M.O.B. Society- Staff Writer (all of my posts were “lost” there, so I am republishing them here on my site.)

Misc. Guest Posts

Inland NW Christian Writers- now closed down and republished on my other blog.

Sunflower Schoolhouse

Start Dreaming:  Teens and Medicine

A Classic Housewife:  Hands-Off History (10 Days of Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Homeschooling)